Creating an Affordable Decking: Maximizing Value Without Compromising Quality

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Composite decking has emerged as a modern, resilient alternative to traditional wooden decking. Made of 95% recycled wood and plastic film, it offers advantages beyond conventional wood. While the following blog post may not explicitly address affordability, it focuses on key benefits that can help create a more budget-friendly decking project.

Composite decking boasts not only an appealing visual aesthetic but also enduring durability, strength, and low maintenance requirements. This material is quickly gaining popularity, thanks to its composition featuring a core and protective layer that provide exceptional resistance to moisture, weathering, and color loss.

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One of the standout features of composite decking is its longevity, often backed by warranties against discoloration and stains for 25 to 50 years. The variety of designs, including glass, vertical cable, and black aluminum railings, contributes to a refined look. Plus, composite decks prioritize sustainability by utilizing recycled materials while delivering a longer lifespan and reduced maintenance compared to traditional wood decks which results in a cost effective option for decking! 

Composite decking resists corrosion, maintains a wood grain appearance, and offers excellent durability and stability. Unlike conventional wood decks, which are prone to splinters and cracks, composite decking ensures safety and longevity.

This material’s popularity extends beyond decking, finding applications in railings, fencing, landscaping timbers, Pergola and Pavilion construction, and indoor furniture due to its sustainable building nature.

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Unlike wood, composite decking doesn’t warp, crack, or succumb to mold and mildew growth. It resists fading, staining, scratching, and mold growth, making it an ideal choice for those seeking durability and easy maintenance.

Where affordability comes into play is in the long-term savings. Composite decking’s resistance to annual staining or sealing minimizes ongoing costs, making it not only practical but also cost-effective. By focusing on these benefits, you can create a more budget-friendly decking project without compromising on quality.


One of the most recognized brands in the market is the Trex brand, which is known for its excellence and the quality of its products. This brand offers different varieties of composite boards that are accessible to various budgets.

Firstly, there is the “Enhance” line, which starts at prices as low as $2.35 per linear foot. It offers some scratch resistance, is weather-resistant, and comes with a 25-year warranty.

On the other hand, there is the “Transcend” line, which Trex rates as “the best.” For this type of composite, prices start at $6.50 per linear foot, and it has a high scratch resistance. Like the rest of their lines, it is also weather-resistant and offers a warranty of up to 50 years.

Regarding the weight of each board, the “Enhance” line has a weight of 1.9 lbs per linear foot, while the “Transcend” line has a weight ranging from 2.4 to 3.6 lbs per linear foot. It means that Enhance composite boards are thicker than Transcend composite boards. 

Additionally, both lines are available in lengths of 12, 16, and 20 feet.